Scotty6000, the writer and artist behind one of my favorite webcomics Nigh Heaven and Hell made this awesome piece and it was an awesome surprise to see it in my tumblr feed!

I looove this piece done by ashyiggybrows.

Pyrrhociconia is amazing at TrueForm angel designs and did an amazing piece of True Form Sandalphon!

I got this super cute fanart from Pyrrhociconia/posca-blancand I love it, especially the pelican!

Arcsin sent me this all the way from her part of the world and I screamed when I opened the suspcious little package to find this glorious piece inside!!

I am in love with this piece by irl friend Brett Neufeld who's also an incredible comic artist!

Incredible humanoid/beastie Sachael by arcsin!

A very dashing Metatron from Tash Grason!

Me: Ah yes, Sandalphon and his brother *looks at smudged scribbles on hand* …Megatron
A piece done by starlightsapphicsylveon!

Another by sugarkillsall of what's probably going through poor Sash's head during the events of Chapter 9

Jared executing excellent bitchface by my irl friend sugarkillsall!

A parody off the ending of Chapter 7 from Thea aka Tash Grason. This is how it should have gone!

An awesome Lilith fanart from my good irl friend ShamazIndustries aka Laura Stryker. Thanks so much, Laura!

A fantastic mini-comic by arcsin of Simon and their character Herz being monster-hunting buddies. As two young teens endowed with strange (and in Herz's case, somewhat grotesque) holy abilities, these two would make a great fighting pair!
You can read arcsin's comic here!

An adorable piece by HBird113 of Sandy rocking the flower crown.

Another from tiny-angry-mouse! Aint nobody gonna take your sass, Belial.

I don't know what to put I am speechless right now.
"So... you're an Angel too?" "I suppose you could say that..."
By tiny-angry-mouse again!

I am in looove with this piece done by tiny-angry-mouse of Jane and Freckles (who will be named soon, dont you worry!).

A pic by my irl friend KYMSnowman that IS SO AWESOME IM GONNA PUKE A RAINBOW.

By same friend KYMSnowman that was done almost a year ago that I keep forgetting to add. This resting bitch face is the epitome of Andrea and I love it.

I LOVE this picture done by Ms. Morri of Sachael and Andrea. Check out Her webcomic The Morrigan for more great angels with a celtic twist!

Fanart done a while ago by iseektheholygrail that I can finally display on here now that Nathaniel has been introduced!

An early birthday gift from DJ-Mika. Love that hair! :D

So pumped to receive this gorgeous piece done by GirlDirtBiker of Sach doing what ze does best!

Verschroben did an amazing job on this commission of Simon and Sandalphon, and especially captured Sandalphon's otherworldly anatomy that even I can't pin down right in the comic.

A commission from creepy9 of Belial, and boy did they deliver!

An adorable piece done by OscarMankin. Oh god I can't imagine using a hair dryer on this one...

Art trade with squidlifecrisis who has quite the gift for drawing the winged folk.

Gift art from robotkiss of Andrea rocking the stripes. Robotkiss has an awesome webcomic as well, check it out!

A great suprise greeted me in my tumblr feed when I came across this sketch from hella-bara of Jane!

Had a mini freak out when I got this commission back from larkles of Sandy. SO PRETTY ABWUBWU

Pirate-cashoo did an incredible job on this commission. I feel kind of bad asking people to draw Sandalphon because ALL THAT HAIR, MAN.

One of my talented friends Sugarkillsall combined my love for Silent Hill with Age of the Gray. Look out for Pyramid Head!